Fresh Meet is a professional solution for corporations, including small and medium businesses, for reaching their audience and presenting their products, solutions and news in a different, distinctive, modern, creative, reliable, secure and personalized way.

Get the fresh air for your online events and the added value which matters.

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We bring complex solutions with unlimited possibilities

Online and hybrid events

We possess many years of experience in the event marketing field and we are prepared to offer them in the form of unlimited online and hybrid events (a combination of offline conferences with a live stream to the online environment). The solution is ideal for conferences, webinars, team-buildings and workshops as well.

Creative concept and content creation

The success of an event depends mostly on its form of presenting content and creativity. We will prepare an original concept that is guaranteed to amaze your audience.

Professional live stream/pre-recorded event

Our video team is equipped with the highest quality technical equipment and has a long history in the film and streaming industry. So, whether you will want to use a live stream, a pre-recorded event or a combination of both, you can be assured that everything will be in the hands of real professionals.

Preparing the hosts for the online event

During the entire process of preparing the event, we are in everyday contact with you and think over every minute of the planned event. We also coach the hosts and aid them in preparing for every point in their presentation. A detailed script and management of the entire event is provided as well.

Virtual & augmented reality

Together with our virtual team, you can take your event to the next level by transitioning it to the virtual space. Make use of the augmented reality that will create an unforgettable experience for each of your viewers.

Personal approach

Every customer needs a solution prepared specifically for them. We do not have a single format that we would apply to more clients. That is why we put emphasis on creating a fully personalised solution tailored specifically for each customer.

Maximum cyber safety

We are aware that cyber safety is now more important than ever. We guarantee full protection of your data.

evaluation and ROI

We will provide you with a full evaluation of the event and detailed statistics from its course. We will evaluate the return of your investment with you and prepare the following strategic steps. Because the work does not end for us after the event itself is finished.

Freshmeet schema

virtual event Top 5


attendant ≠ viewer

The attendants of a virtual conference should be seen as more than just viewers. Networking is a priority, make sure that all content is engaging and the speeches are straightforward.


length is key

Virtual sessions should be typically shorter than their real-life equivalents. Closing a laptop is much easier than leaving a conference room, after all.


Following the internal rules

The IT policies of our clients are never taken lightly. We always agree on the correct and most effective solutions in advance.


Rehearsals are a priority

We put great emphasis on your event's schedule and management. But nothing can ever go as smoothly without rehearsals. The video form gives us many possibilities, but for a perfectly smooth session, practice is always needed.


Budget control

For a virtual event, no coffee breaks get arranged and no accommodation is booked. Different solutions are neccessary though – mostly technical ones – and they need to be reflected in the budget.

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